The science behind Electrox

Electrox is produced by electrolysis using water, salt and our unique 4 chamber technology. This advanced, patented technology with its innovative production process creates Electrox – an incredibly powerful disinfectant that eliminates 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi. Read on to find out more about the science behind Electrox.

How is Electrox made?

In simple terms, Electrox is made by passing an electric current through a solution of water and sodium chloride (salt). Within our unique generator there are two electrodes, an anode (positively charged) and a cathode (negatively charged). The saline solution is pumped into the cathode section of our patented 4 chamber system and causes the positively charged sodium ions (Na+) to react to produce the what is known as the catholyte. This catholyte is then pumped into the anode chamber and the negatively charged chlorine ions (Cl-) react producing the sanitising product that is Electrox Sanitising Water (also known as Electrox Anolyte).

diagram explaining the Electrox process

The Electrox Anolyte is composed of 99.46% water, 0.03% hypochlorous acid, 0.5% sodium chloride and 0.01% trace components! It is this tiny amount of hypochlorous acid which has such a powerful effect against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

How Electrox Works

How does Electrox maintain a neutral pH?

Electrox manages to maintain a neutral pH thanks to our unique patented 4 chamber technology. With the old, single membrane electrolysis systems, the pH is kept neutral by mixing small amounts of the catholyte (pH approx. 11-12) into the anolyte (pH approx. 2-3) which brings the final product close to a neutral pH. However, this comes with inconsistency in the pH of the final product. The issue with this is that at pH higher than 7.5 you start to lose hypochlorous acid and drastically reduce effectiveness against microbes. At a pH below 6.5 you start to have more skin irritation and in both increase and decrease of pH you start to see corrosion of certain surfaces!

Eletrox is PH neutralThese problems were overcome by the development of the patented technology Electrox uses today. Our system generates an anolyte at a precise pH of between 6.5 and 7.5, the system even automatically disposes of any product that does not meet these stringent parameters! Electrox is the only company in the UK that uses this technology, ensuring our customers are getting the most consistently pH neutral electrolysed water on the UK market to date.