Electrox RoX Fogger
Electrox RoX Fogger
Electrox Water

Electrox RoX Fogger

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The Electrox RoX Fogging Machine is ideal for small businesses. 
Combined with Electrox fogging solution you can disinfect small rooms and surfaces, or individual items such as equipment and furniture with Electrox fogging.


The Electrox RoX Fogger is suitable for small offices, hair salons, kitchens, bathrooms, smaller spaces etc.

RoX Specifications

1.5L Reservoir
550watt motor
Flow rate: 0-240ml per minute
Particle size: 9-25 microns
240 volts mains power supply
Weight 1.86kg
Packaged weight 2.6kg.

Electrox provides a 12 month warranty.