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Surface cleaning and disinfection is critical in a Dental Surgery

As with any healthcare industry, the highest level of cleanliness is of utmost importance, and dental surgeries are no exception!

Not only is creating this environment expensive, energy and waste intensive, it also takes up a significant amount of time. In dental surgeries, the fallow time between each patient takes up a huge proportion of the day, which can dramatically reduce the amount of patients you are able to see each day.

A cost effective solution for the dental industry

Electrox Sterilising Water is an ecological, water-based product, designed for the elimination of all types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Electrox Sterilising Water is manufactured using a saline solution and electricity to produce a compound capable of controlling the spread of micro-organisms.

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Fogging a Dental Surgery

Electrox Water Limited has created an easy and cost effective solution to the problems faced by the dental industry. Due to the nature of Electrox Sterilising Water and its effectiveness against microbes, it is capable of being fogged.

Fogging is a rapid method of disinfecting large surfaces, including those hard to reach areas.

It is the quickest and most cost effective way to ensure you adhere to the highest standard of sanitation.

Reducing your fallow time

By using Electrox Sterilising Water and our fogging machines, we can guarantee you’ll be able to dramatically reduce the fallow cleaning time between patients and see more clients each day.

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About Electrox Sterlising Water

Electrox Sterilising Water reduces the chemical burden on our environment. It is made from just salt and water, it does not contain harsh chemicals. It is pH neutral, non-corrosive, and hypoallergenic.

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