Electrox Systems

The Electrox Systems produce a highly effective, genuinely pH neutral, electro-chemically active, metastable disinfectant without the use of chemicals classified as hazardous. A minimal dose of the disinfectant agent Electrox Sterilising Water is injected into water pipelines to provide non-hazardous disinfection without altering the potability of the water.


Electrox systems hold two international patents on the unique design of its electrolytic process. This unique technology produces the highest quality electrolysed water available, giving guaranteed results. The automatic production of Electrox Sterilising Water occurs in situ by means of a patented electrolytic process that does not require the use of hazardous substances that require special consideration. The constant neutral pH of the product delivered into the water mains at controlled values, prevents the activation of corrosive processes. The disinfectant, Electrox Sterilising Water, does not modify the potable condition of the water treated. The quality of treatment is so high, that it is used in multiple hospitals and in healthcare sectors across Europe, Asia and Australia.

unique patented technology


Electrox Systems are able to disrupt and break down the protective extracellular polymeric substance layers of biofilms and penetrate the cellular membrane of Legionella, completely removing them within in 2-3 weeks of installation. This ability to cross cellular membranes also means that Legionella and other microbes cannot generate resistance to Electrox Sterilising Water. Electrox systems have been shown highly effective across a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores: Pseudomonas, Enterococcus, Staphylococcus, Legionella, etc. Electrox Systems can be be used to treat both hot and cold water and the disinfection benefits are extended to all water related systems (ice machines, toilets, etc).

unique patented technology


Electrox Systems can make it possible to lower water heating temperatures, in certain systems, which can result in reduced energy consumption and related costs. Once installed our systems are so effective, there is no longer a need for hyper-chlorination or thermal shock disinfection consequently easing stress on infrastructure. Electrox Sterilising Water and its precursors are not classified as hazardous and do not require special precautions for storage or handling. Electrox Systems do not lead to the formation of chlorinated by-products and installations work around customers so minimal disruption to daily routines.

Eletrox Remote Access Team

Our Service

Once installed within new or existing water systems, Electrox Systems are remotely controlled. The Electrox Team will be able to remotely access the system 24hr a day, continuously monitoring the dosing system and sentinel outlets. The Electrox Team will organise delivery of the salt precursor and courier services for our chemical and microbiological analysis. This service looks to provide our customers with the best and most effective water treatment systems while minimising customer responsibilities.