You can find the answers to frequently asked questions here:

  1. What is Electrox made of?

    Electrox is made from water and salt.

  2. How is Electrox made?

    Electrox is electrolysed water which is made by running electric current through a water and salt solution. The result is an effective disinfectant that kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in seconds, whilst remaining easy to handle at all times. For more information, visit the science behind Electrox.

  3. How does Electrox kill germs?

    Hypochlorous acid in Electrox steals electrons not only from the cell membrane of viruses and bacteria but from within the cell too, which causes the cells to destabilise and die. There’s little evidence of bacterial resistance as found with other disinfectants because Electrox attacks them at the molecular level. This is why hypochlorous acid is such an efficient germicide, biocide and sporicide. For more information, visit the science behind Electrox.

  4. What germs does Electrox kill?

    The active substance in Electrox has been successfully tested for full virucidal activity as defined in EN14476:2013, therefore has activity against all viruses. This includes all coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2. Electrox also effectively eliminates the following: BACTERIA - Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus hirae. FUNGI - Aspergillus brasiliensis. YEAST - Candida albicans. VIRUSES – Adenovirus, Murine norovirus, Poliovirus, Vaccinia virus, Bovine viral diarrhoea virus.

  5. How quickly does Electrox kill germs?

    Electrox kills viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi 80 times faster than traditional chlorine bleach*, making it an efficient, less hazardous alternative.

    * Source - National Research Council 1980, Drinking Water and Health: Volume 2. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press

  6. Where is it suitable to use Electrox around the home?

    There are so many ways to use Electrox in your home. It can easily replace traditional household disinfectants like bleach. Use it in the kitchen to disinfect surfaces. Sanitise your entire bathroom including the loo. It can be used around your children and pets too. See our domestic section for more information by clicking here.

  7. Does Electrox help eliminate bad odours?

    Yes. Electrox can help eliminate bad smells around the home. Spray it in the rubbish bin to keep bad smells at bay. It’ll also help keep trainers smelling fresh. You can also freshen up your dog or cat’s bed with a few sprays. It will kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi that hide around our homes.

  8. Does Electrox leave any residue?

    No. It is just water and a tiny amount of salt. Surfaces don’t need wiping down or rinsing after using Electrox.

  9. Can I transfer Electrox into different containers at home?

    We don’t recommend you do this. Our containers are designed to help extend the shelf life of Electrox by ensuring that the electrolysed solution stays active. Putting it into a different bottle for example glass, could seriously reduce its efficacy, because sunlight reduces the potency of electrolysed water.

  10. Are the Electrox containers recyclable?

    Electrox is supplied in High Density Polyethylene bottles which are 100% recyclable and lightweight. They are also a popular choice in the UK for milk and juice and help maintain the potency of Electrox.

  11. How is Electrox good for the environment?

    Putting fewer harsh chemicals into our air and water can only be a good thing! Plus, the fewer harsh chemicals in Electrox than in traditional disinfectants makes Electrox the more eco friendly choice.

  12. Is Electrox vegan friendly?

    Yes. Containing only water and table salt, Electrox contains nothing of animal origin.

  13. Where can I buy Electrox?

    You can purchase Electrox from this site – click here, do go to our online shop.

  14. Why haven’t I heard of using sterilising water before?

    Electrolysed water has been around for decades but it is only more recently that ways have been identified to create it at a neutral pH and for it to last for longer than just a couple of weeks. It isn’t a new phenomenon, its just been vastly improved over recent years.

  15. How long does Electrox last?

    Electrox will last for up to one year provided you keep it in the container that we supply it in. We don’t recommend transferring it to different containers as this could reduce the products efficacy.

  16. Why does Electrox smell faintly of bleach?

    When the hypochlorous acid in Electrox reacts with oxygen in the air around us, it gives off a very tiny amount of sodium hypochlorite. This is why is smells faintly of bleach. It dissipates into the air rapidly, so the smell doesn’t last long.

  17. Is hypochlorous acid safe?

    Electrox is safe to use providing you follow the instructions on the container. The human body actually produces hypochlorous acid to fight infection, so it is not harmful to us but very harmful to bacteria and viruses. Electrox has been classified by the CLP as a non hazardous substance.

  18. Can I drink Electrox?

    Do not ingest Electrox. Stick to drinking your usual water and keep Electrox for doing what it does best - killing germs, bacteria and other harmful organisms we find around us.

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Commercial FAQs

  1. How can you disinfect large areas?

    Large areas like classrooms, offices, communal areas, factories etc are best disinfected using fogging. It ensures an even distribution of Electrox over everything and can be done quickly and efficiently. Fogging also works well in smaller rooms like bedrooms or kitchens. For items like work surfaces, desks, phones, handrails etc Electrox is available in spray bottles.

  2. What is fogging?

    Fogging is the term used for adding either neat or diluted Electrox into a machine which sprays an even, fine mist around a room or area enabling larger areas to be quickly disinfected. The fogging machines are hand held and very easy to use with minimal training.

  3. Do I have to buy a fogging machine to be able to use Electrox?

    No, you don’t have to buy a fogging machine to use Electrox. Machines can be hired or purchased depending on your requirements. Contact the team to discuss the best option for your business.

  4. Should PPE be worn when using Electrox?

    When fogging, PPE should be worn as a precaution. However, the type of PPE to be worn is dependent on the time spent fogging. Electrox can supply detailed instructions to explain what type of PPE should be worn when using the fogging machines. No PPE is required when using Electrox in spray bottles – only when using the fogging machine.

  5. What kind of businesses is fogging suitable for?

    Fogging can help all kinds of businesses – schools, colleges, offices, retail stores, restaurants, bars, gyms and fitness centres, churches and other places of worship, hotels and B&Bs. If you want a healthier working environment, and not use traditional disinfectants like bleach with all their harsh chemicals, then Electrox is the solution. Contact the team to discuss how Electrox can help your business.

  6. Can you come and fog my business premises?

    We do not currently offer this service. However, we do hire and sell the machines and provide full training on how to use them and how much Electrox to use. They are not complicated machines and the training takes only a few minutes.