Hear from our customers about their experience using Electrox sterilising water.

"What's not to like about Electrox? I'm firmly convinced that my couch's surface would have been destroyed if I'd had to use more 'normal' stuff and it has no smell, a definite bonus for a migraine sufferer. Electrox is actually much easier to use than the wipes I used to use, because now I squirt the couch, then my hands, a quick rub down and it means I've cleaned the couch and also taken most of the oil off my hands before my washup between patients."

- Philip Hayward. Interactive Massage

"We have switched from using a chemical disinfectant to Electrox with the fogging machine when cleaning our fish processing area. We have found that cleaning and disinfecting takes far less time than it used to, saving us 3 hours every week. Using the fogging machine also gives us complete peace of mind knowing that every inch of the area is thoroughly disinfected. Plus the fact that no harsh chemicals are used is an absolute bonus. We will keep using Electrox at Purbeck Trout and have built it into our cleaning routine."

- Mark Belcher. Purbeck Trout Fish Farm.

"We use Electrox on a regular basis to disinfect the clinic and to help protect our patients and staff from Covid-19 and various other diseases, coughs and colds. The fogging machine is quick and easy to use and makes efficient use of the Electrox Sterilising Water, achieving a high level of sanitation in a matter of minutes and saving valuable staff time. It is an effective and economical solution which importantly to us, is not harmful to the environment. We believe that widespread use of this type of disinfectant can help to reduce the global threat of anti-microbial resistance with minimal environmental impact."

- Mrs Tracy Thornton. Practice Manager. Sedbergh Medical Practice (NHS).

“It does the job perfectly. I have been using it throughout the business to sanitise after works have finished in our modular units and fogging is definitely the way forward. Electrox water is environmentally sound which chimes with our core values of being at one with the land and preserving the environment for future generations.

We were using chemical disinfectant but really like our fogging machine as a more gentle and efficient germicide throughout every element of the business.”

- Jon Fisher. Technical Director. Fisher Modular Construction UK Ltd.

"We’ve been using Electrox water to sanitise our tables and surfaces during service and a fogging machine at the end of every day throughout the pub, and in our rooms in between guests. The fact that it can be used on multi surfaces effectively and dries in next to no time means there is no downtime for the business in between cleans. It gives us as operators, and our guests both reassurance and confidence that we are doing everything to remain covid safe at all times. We would highly recommend it to any business that wants a no nonsense and effective cleaning/disinfecting solution which is easy to use, has no lingering smell and having no harsh chemicals doesn’t have any after effects on the skin of the user."

- Mark Cassidy, Owner The Walnut Tree Inn Mere

"Electrox, where have you been all my life!

I can’t tell you how much I love this product. It is brilliant. I am constantly finding new uses for it. The latest two are spraying my washing machine drum and drawer and misting my husband's sandals. It doesn’t just mask smells – it destroys the bacteria that creates them and all without the use of chemicals.

I am very careful with the products I use around the home and as far as eco-credentials go this has got to be top of the list. I can’t understand why everyone isn’t using it."

- Miss K. Smith, Graphic Designer

"We had been unable to reopen our popular toddler group because disinfecting all the toys that the children use would have taken too long to do manually. But now we’ve got Electrox and a fogging machine we can disinfect all the toys quickly in minutes – before and after every session. We also fog the mats that the children play on too. Electrox has been such a help to us as we just couldn’t have reopened without it."

- Anne Rich, Coordinator Mere Toddler Group

"Electrox has been an absolutely vital tool for us. Whole rooms can be disinfected in just minutes. It doesn’t disturb our residents, or our routines and the staff are pleased with how easy it is to use the fogging machine."

- John Lobb, Owner Somerforde Residential Care Home

"Electrox is helping us support the many churches, cathedrals and other places of worship that we work with to reopen their doors to the general public. During this incredibly challenging time, giving people peace of mind that the places they enter are sanitised is critically important to us."

- Alan Matthews, General Manager of Charles Farris chandlers

"We’ve been using Electrox in our gyms, fitness centres and swimming pool facilities since we re-opened. It’s made a massive difference to our ability to get the business back up and running quickly. With the fogging machine we can sanitise the different fitness areas and changing rooms regularly throughout the day, far more quickly than a member of staff could disinfect all the surfaces manually, so it makes financial sense. This wide coverage in a short space of time means that our classes run on time with no delays. Customers can see the fogging taking place before and after a class and appreciate that we’re doing everything to provide a healthier and sanitised environment for them."

- Wayne Nixon, General Manager Sentinel Leisure Trust.

"I have decided I am not going to replace my usual disinfecting products since using Electrox. I have asthma and my husband usually has to do some of the sanitising because the other products affect my breathing. My husband is obviously delighted. I appreciate the fact that there is no lingering chemical/perfume odour."

- Paula, Ringwood

"We’re using Electrox Sterilising Water and the fogging machine in four of our Care Homes and have found it provides real peace of mind and assurance to our residents and their visitors. We are fogging communal areas, outdoor visiting areas in between visits and resident’s rooms within our care homes to make sure we’re providing a sanitised environment for our staff, residents and their visitors alike. It’s really simple to use and we’ve built Electrox into to our existing cleaning regimes without any issues. We wanted a sanitising product that didn’t involve large amounts of chemicals and found Electrox to be the most cost effective of all the solutions we looked at. We’re happy that we’re going the extra mile to ensure a healthy and sanitised environment."

- Eddy Pyatt, Director of Platinum Care Homes

"We use a fogger and the Electrox solution every day in communal areas and areas of concern, finds it very easy to use, had a minor problem with the tubing, was replaced, no hassles, gets product delivered very quickly. Very happy."

- Eves Carkeek from The White House Care Home

“I was fascinated when I saw the local Gym (where I also work) using a fogging machine to disinfect all the equipment. I felt this was perfect to use in my Early Years setting (pre-school) I asked lots of questions at the gym and then researched online. As an early years setting in an area of high deprivation, we have been open throughout the pandemic to support vulnerable children as well as children whose parents are key workers.I feel reassured after fogging with Electrox, that my setting is as germ free as we can possibly make it, as it also disinfects the air space as well as toys and furniture. I have also purchased the hand spray anti-bac for handles and touch points. It is also important to me that the products I use are environmentally friendly. I am extremely happy with Electrox and I feel that even after the pandemic, I will continue to use this product to help keep my children and staff safe.”

- Katherine Wright, BA, Little Buddies Pre-school.

I have been using the Electrox solution with our handheld Ryobi fogger for a while now and have been pleasantly surprised with how easy it has been to use. Its lightweight and the solution itself has been great at allowing us to get back to using certain rooms very quickly, without having to vacate for hours after fogging. Felicity was very helpful and quickly responded when I had a few questions. All in all I would recommend both these products.”


 - Kirsty, Registered Veterinary Nurse

It does the job perfectly. I have been using it in the larder to sanitise after cleaning down and fogging is definitely the way forward.  We sell everything we shoot to top chefs and retail customers, so hygiene is at the forefront of everything we do in retaining our five-star food safety rating year on year. Electrox water is environmentally sound which chimes with our core values of being at one with the land and preserving the environment for future generations. Electrox water would be great to have in the gun buses and when out on shoots with clients.  It is also great for a busy keeper who wants to be efficient.

We were using atomiser bottles with chemical disinfectant but will be moving over to Electrox water for the new season with a more gentle and efficient germicide throughout every element of the business.”
- Curtis Pitts, Director of Curtis Pitts Deer Services

This is the news weve all been waiting for. Fogging with Electrox Water will form a vital part of maintaining optimum levels of hygiene in my busy kitchen. Nature and protection of the environment are both very important to us at Citron Vert and its great to know that we can maintain our stringent levels of hygiene, whilst being kinder to the environment.  I love cooking with game meat in season and its great to know that Electrox is being used in the field. It is quite amazing to think that Electrox is made by running electric current through a water and salt solution, resulting in a disinfectant that kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria rapidly, this is now even more crucial with the enhanced sanitisation practices we have had to adopt during the pandemic, both in the supply chain and in catering.”
- Chef Patrice St Yves of Citron Vert Catering