Pre-diluted Fogging Solution - 5litres
Electrox Water

Electrox Fogging Solution 5L

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Specially formulated for use in Fogging machines. Electrox Fogging Solution is ready to use - No need to dilute or worry if your solution is too strong or too weak.

Electrox bulk containers are ideal for any business big or small.  Combined with our  Foggers you can disinfect whole premises, areas or individual items such as equipment and furniture with Electrox fogging or spraying.

Use Electrox and give peace of mind to staff and customers that the premises and items in it have been thoroughly sanitised.

Electrox Disinfectant kills 99.99% of Viruses & Bacteria
Acts 80 x faster than normal Bleach,
No harsh chemicals or heavy odours.
Non-corrosive, pH Neutral and Hypoallergenic.
 This product is designed to be used undiluted for maximum effectiveness.
Safe & easy to store


Compliant and Certified with European Biocide Regulations and Standards
EN901 EN1276 EN1499 EN1500 EN1650 EN13623 EN13697 EN14476 
This product is for fogging use ONLY