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Electrox ULV Fogger F450E

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The Electrox ULV Fogger F450E is ideal for any business - big or small. 
4.5L Capacity, 8-10M Range, Spraying rate 150-260ml/min 
Wire length 7m with in-line RCD
Enhanced Design and Parts
12 Month Warranty


Use with Electrox fogging solution and give peace of mind to staff and customers that the premises and items in it are completely sanitised and safe.  Electrox is being used to sanitise offices, retail stores, care homes, churches gyms and hotels.

Important notice:
Whilst there are various foggers available on the market that appear very similar to the Electrox F450E, there are significant differences relating to the safety and reliability of the products that need to be considered:

The Electrox F450E fogger has undergone a number of design and manufacturing revisions in order to meet Electrox standards and to be compliant with European and UK standards.
Our team of engineers perform inspections and testing on every machine before shipping to ensure each is functioning correctly and is compliant with all UK regulations for Class II handheld portable electrical equipment. Only after passing our stringent inspection and testing is each F450E fogger allowed to be dispatched bearing the current CE marking.

Electrox Water Ltd has worked with the manufacturer to modify and improve a standard fogging machine to create the Electrox F450E, which is unique in a number of ways including the replacement of wetted components (such as pipes, seals and fittings) with materials suitable for use with disinfectant fogging solution. This ensures the safety and durability of the fogger as well as preventing leakage and blockages. The F450E is also supplied with a UK specification inline RCD to reduce the risk of electric shock if used with a power supply without adequate in-built RCD protection.

All these considerations come together to provide you with the safest and most effective product at an affordable price.  Electrox provides a 12 month warranty.