Electrox launches mini foggers!

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Electrox have launched 2 mini foggers - the perfect way to sanitise items when you're at work or out and about. 

Disinfect door handles, steering wheels, handrails, cash machines or work station items like desks and phones, any item that you need to touch that may have been handled by someone else.  

These handy pocket sized mini foggers come in two sizes - 20ml and 40ml. 

20ml mini fogger for use with Electrox Sterilising Water - sanitise workstation items or door handles, cash machines and any surface you need to touch when you're out and about.                          40ml Electrox mini fogger - for use with Electrox Sterilising Water.

Fill these mini foggers with Electrox Sterilising Water (not included) and enjoy peace of mind that you can sterilising small items quickly and easily.  For more information or to buy click here.

20ml fogger: Power = 1 watt, 5 Volts. Dispenses approximately 2.5ml per minute. 40ml fogger: Power = 2.5 watts, 5 Volts. Dispenses approximately 5ml per minute.

Each fogger takes 1-2 hours to charge, has an operating time per charge of approximately 30 minutes and comes with USB charger lead.  Fill the mini foggers with fresh Electrox every 2 weeks.


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