Purbeck Trout Farm uses Electrox Sterilising Water

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Purbeck Trout Fish Farm is situated on the chalk stream of the River Piddle in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The farm provides a sustainable food source.

Diseases can cause serious problems on fish farms, decimating fish stocks or making a farmer’s products unmarketable. Fish farmers who can document the health of their fish have a competitive advantage with customers and regulators.

Rainbow trout

Diseases which affect farmed fish are caused by parasites, bacteria or viruses, which can be spread from pond to pond or from farm to farm by the transfer of infected fish and by animals, people, equipment and water contaminated by contact with infected fish or fish pathogens.

Purbeck Trout Fish Farm have started using Electrox Sterilising Water with a fogging machine to disinfect their processing areas. Fogging a space with Electrox allows you to disinfect very large or small areas quickly and easily.

"We have switched from using a chemical disinfectant to Electrox with the fogging machine when cleaning our fish processing area. We have found that cleaning and disinfecting takes far less time than it used to, saving us 3 hours every week. Using the fogging machine also gives us complete peace of mind knowing that every inch of the area is thoroughly disinfected." - Mark Belcher, Purbeck Trout Farm

It is important to consider the safety and handling limitations of the chemicals used for cleaning and disinfection. Some chemical agents may be harmful to the user or to fish and may leave toxic residues or damage equipment.

Electrox is an incredibly effective disinfectant that acts 80 times faster than bleach at killing viruses and bacteria. It kills microbes efficiently, whilst being pH neutral, non-hazardous and non-corrosive. It does not leave a sticky residue either.

"The fact that no harsh chemicals are used is an absolute bonus. We will keep using Electrox at Purbeck Trout and have built it into our cleaning routine." - Mark Belcher, Purbeck Trout Farm

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