Electrox Water Foggers Take Centre Stage at The Game Fair!

Chef demonstration theatres are always a main attraction at The Game Fair.  Electrox Water was delighted to be asked by the event organisers to provide fogging machines to sanitise the demo stage and chairs in the theatre between cookery and butchery demonstrations.


We absolutely jumped at the chance, as we know that more and more meat processors in the game sector are using Electrox water, both in the field and the larder.



Venison and game meat processor, Curtis Pitts has been using our Rox Fogger in his game larder and he was also performing butchery demos at the show on The Great Game Guide demo theatre, he said

“I am very impressed with my Electrox fogger and it enables me to cover a great surface area very quickly.  In meat processing, it is imperative to keep all work spaces immaculately clean and germ free and Electrox enables me to do this.  I was very pleased to see it being used in the demo theatre at the show to reassure the general public that safe procedures are in place, as we adjust to living with Covid-19” 




Electrox Water also had its own stand at The Game Fair, showcasing the full product range and demonstrating how fogging could help in various industry sectors. 











 Director Damian Cardozo very much enjoyed The Game Fair, he said


“It was great to showcase our fogging machines on The Great Game Guide demo stage as well as the main Chef Demonstrating Theatre.  We also had the opportunity to work with a load of chefs who are all featured in The Great Game Guide, as well as invite some students from West London College to assist with fogging seating during demonstrations, quickly and easily to cope with the busy timetable.

We have really enjoyed attending The Game Fair this year and the opportunity to catch-up with game sector friends old and new.

We have also had some very interesting conversations on future collaborations that are really quite exciting!”


For more information on our fogging machines and how Electrox Water can help you in your workplace, browse the range here



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