The Perfect Germicide for The Field & The Kitchen

Sanitation has never been so important – and so easy to deal with. Meet Electrox.

The buzzword in sanitation these days is fogging and it’s perfect for shoots and game handlers as well as hospitality. Electrox water is produced by running an electric current through a salt and water solution and kills 99.99% of known bacteria. It’s easy to buy and combined with a fogger can be sprayed over mass surfaces making them sanitary in minutes.

Curtis Pitts, Director of Curtis Pitts Deer Services has been trialling Electrox water both in his larder and in the field, he says

It does the job perfectly. I have been using it in the larder to sanitise after cleaning down and fogging is definitely the way forward.  We sell everything we shoot to top chefs and retail customers, so hygiene is at the forefront of everything we do in retaining our five-star food safety rating year on year.

Electrox water is environmentally sound which chimes with our core values of being at one with the land and preserving the environment for future generations.

Electrox water would be great to have in the gun buses and when out on shoots with clients.  It is also great for a busy keeper who wants to be efficient.

We were using atomiser bottles with chemical disinfectant but will be moving over to Electrox water for the new season with a more gentle and efficient germicide throughout every element of the business.”

Take a look at the Electrox fogging machine in action at Curtis Pitts larder:

Chef Patrice St Yves of Citron Vert Catering is delighted to learn of this alternative to traditional disinfectants, he said

This is the news weve all been waiting for. Fogging with Electrox Water will form a vital part of maintaining optimum levels of hygiene in my busy kitchen. Nature and protection of the environment are both very important to us at Citron Vert and its great to know that we can maintain our stringent levels of hygiene, whilst being kinder to the environment.  I love cooking with game meat in season and its great to know that Electrox is being used in the field. It is quite amazing to think that Electrox is made by running electric current through a water and salt solution, resulting in a disinfectant that kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria rapidly, this is now even more crucial with the enhanced sanitisation practices we have had to adopt during the pandemic, both in the supply chain and in catering.”



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