Does your disinfectant contain harsh and dangerous chemicals?

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We've always thought that for a disinfectant to work - really work - it had to contain seriously harsh chemicals.  After all there are so many viruses and bacteria around us all the time; some fairly benign, and others deadly,  we'd be forgiven for thinking that to combat these minuscule monsters we'd need a disinfectant packed full of the harshest chemicals to do the job.

So, when someone comes along and calmly states that 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi can be killed using a substance created from just water and salt - you might have your doubts .....

Electrox Sterilising Water is that substance - no joke.  Created by passing an electric current through a solution of water and sodium chloride (salt) using unique 4 chamber technology. This advanced, patented technology with it’s innovative production process creates Electrox – an incredibly effective disinfectant that is 80 times more effective at killing viruses and bacteria than traditional disinfectants like bleach.

What makes Electrox so brilliant is that it kills microbes efficiently whilst being pH neutral, non hazardous, non corrosive, non alcoholic, non sticky and hypoallergenic.

Electrox is helping businesses all over the country keep their premises sanitised, giving peace of mind to staff and customers alike.

Take a look at some of the businesses using Electrox today:

Find out how Electrox can help your business too.  Contact the team at Electrox by clicking here, or call us on 0117 318 0830.


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